We are a background supplier!

Galaxy Butchery has been launched on July 2015, for wholesale and retail services located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. Our company is providing with excellent quality meat in different cuts and marinated products, on HACCP accreditation process and guided by ADAFCA principles and standards. The team is highly motivated and led by an eminent Chef for 15 years of culinary experience in five-star hotels on Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and recognized customer satisfaction. That motivates and inspires us to put up this idea of sharing our competence in this industry. Our field of expertise lies in our specially prepared recipes, to offer easy and ready to cook meat items. Some included in the lists are kababs, kofta, shish taouk, tandoori, Afghani chapli kababs, and others. For your convenience, we have enclosed a brochure outlining the items that we offer. Building long-term relationships with our clients is something Galaxy Butchery strongly believes in, so we want to assure you of receiving first grade products. We became one of the leading butchery and hospitality background supplier within this short span of time. We have created a good reputation in the wholesale and retail market since we started.