Supply of CUT MEAT
& Marinated items

GALAXY BUTCHERY  boast top quality products, superior customer service, efficient distribution and a significant customer profile. Traditional recipes have been maintained with new and improved products introduced along the way. You are guaranteed of only the finest ingredients in each and every GALAXY BUTCHERY products.

Galaxy Butchery specializes in the following services:

  • Quality beef, lamb, chicken etc.
  • Bulk meat, cut and well packed to your specifications
  • Large variety of spices and marinades
  • Portion control for the restaurants and the catering industry
  • Each item will be checked by the Chef before packing.
  • Daily Deliveries
  • Excellent quality
  • Excellent hygiene practices
  • Constant stock

Our friendly, expert staff is always willing to assist and enjoy a good chat, so come and visit us today.


Wholesale for Hospitality, Party & Big Events 

GALAXY BUTCHERY is a retail wholesale butcher specialising in supplying the finest quality products to the hospitality industry, educational institutions, hospitals, private and industrial caterers, butchers and direct to the public in bulk quantities. We deliver to your requirements and our services can be extented to all areas in Abu Dhabi emirates.

We are an independent operated business and we have a commitment to exceptional standards in customer service, food quality and safety.

Why Choose?


It is a very important thing, that you can save a lot of time to complete the bsic process of Preparation, and here we are capable to meet the requirements, and without wasting a time, you can quick start your job immediately.


By giving the order to us, you can save a lot of money from the various sources, least you can save by cut down the strength of labors, helpers and Equipment as well as availability of Fresh items and Keep them fresh. We have specialised in zero wastage on process.


We provide each order with ready to preapre condition, and the End user can use them without any extra step to move forward, and It will be a professional way as well as corporate standard.


We are capable to undertake our all orders in quick delivery condition and have the latest and trendy equipment and Trained and well experienced staff to handle the order until it reached to the customers.

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